As you might have noticed, our Kickstarter campaign is coming to an end this friday. And, we unfortunately have not reached our goal. But this campaign has brought us so much valuable contacts, feedback and media attention that we’re looking at a very bright and exciting future. Yay for that!


We of course still love the Kickstarter platform. There are so many awesome campaigns. It’s a big risk for your creditcard, some people in the On The Rocks team will confirm. Since we love all this entrepreneurs and fellow disruptors who want to make a difference, here are 5 current campaigns we love!


  1. The Gateway Bug: Fundraising for a documentary on sustainable food production. This is such an important issue, and education is just one part of the solution for upcoming food crises. This documentary will explain how eating insects might have a great impact. Especially crickets… Go check it out!Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 22.01.46


  2. And for the true insect lovers…There is another interesting project up now: LIVIN Farms Hive. It’s a hive, where you can harvest insects, at home, in your own kitchen! Wow! This is really revolutionary and disruptive. A new super food? Have a look and decide, will you be one of the first with an insect hive in your kitchen?d10816e767488054e77af721a7f55eed_original


  3. Juju lingerie: Ecological friendly, European handmade lingerie. And it looks beautiful at the same time. Almost sounds too good to be true? It’s not! Help this Berlin based company make awesome lingerie from bio silk.Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 23.30.15


  4. Mountain Kingdom Bow ties: This company from Lesotho makes bowties from sustainable materials, and at the same time empowers the Thoteng village inhabitants to become entrepreneurs. The way they work is a fine example of the ‘new’ (and maybe this should be the standard) economy. Go check out what we mean on their project page!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 23.32.00


  5. KEAP: Candles made better: With the winter months starting, candles are always a good idea. A better idea? KEAP candles. Buy an environmental friendly candle, and KEAP will donate one solar lamp to people in need. A clean, sustainable alternative to kerosene lamps often used in areas deprived of electricity or other resources. Just, yay!4d58069c6f42ede64f8823b0f6d7fb3c_original


Bonus! On Indiegogo, fantastic and amazing project DYCLE is running a campaign. If you have a baby, you’ll know about All.Those.Diapers. All.That.Waste. And you know what? We can grow fruit trees from them! If you support Ayumi and her team, this can become a fruitful (ha!) reality….

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 23.39.42

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