Let’s bring back the forest

As you might already know, the production of stone paper saves 18 trees per ton of paper produced. We love that fact! The unique qualities trees possess are of vital importance to life on earth. Trees absorb CO2 and release ‘clean’ oxygen back into the air. Bonus: they even provide extra oxygen. Some more cool facts about trees? They keep water from evaporating, prevent water pollution and soil erosion. And not to forget, they can provide food, shelter and fun!

Now for years and years we have been cutting down these trees to make paper. Even though big steps have been taken to improve tree plantation practices and make sure production forests wouldn’t have that bad of an influence on the environment, in our eyes this can be done in a better way:

  • By leaving the trees be;
  • And by restoring the way the natural environment actually was.

We can check off one item already: leave the trees to grow. Because no trees need to be cut down for the production of stone paper. Yay for that!

And today we proudly announce that we will actively work on the second item: restoring the natural environment. We’ve teamed up with the South African Reforestation Trust. A beautiful initiative. Horizontally organised reforestation sites, locally managed and making use of locally grown plants, trees and weeds to re-establish a healthy flora and fauna. We just love how they are dedicated to restoring degraded land to its original, beautiful state.

We will donate 5% of our profits to this organisation, on a yearly basis. That way we give back what we took from nature for so long. We will grow new trees, trees that will hopefully age for hundreds of years. Plants and flowers that will host wildlife. Free flowing streams of water and clean air all around. We’re so happy to have this partnership.

We need to make a change, and make it last. Here’s to a fruitful partnership. We’re excited! Will you support the change as well?