It’s time for 21st century paper

Ecosystems are increasingly under pressure thanks to our global quest for more and more resources.

Forests, sadly, are no exception. There is an increasing demand for wood. Not only from the pulp and paper industry. Natural forests have an intrinsic value that reaches much broader than just the trees. We must start to take away pressure from natural forest areas and see how we can diversify the natural input materials we use for our production processes.

There are a lot of ways the paper industry can contribute to a healthier relationship with our forests, water and energy consumption, and an increase (or at least no further decrease) in biodiversity. Paper was not always made from virgin trees. Instead, paper used to be made from waste materials. Leftovers.

The beautiful thing is that science never sits still. The knowledge is already here, to create paper materials made from different input materials, that will have less impact on our ecosystems and need a less harmful production method. We need to grow viable alternative materials and ways of production. And at the same time constantly remind ourselves that the ‘end goal’ never exists. Innovation is never ending.

That is a liberating thought for two reasons:

  1. it allows us to start acting today. We don’t need to wait for one or multiple holy grails. We can improve what is, and try new things, without limiting ourselves too much.
  2. it allows us to take a route of trial and error. There is always the need for further improvement, anyway.

But only things that are in motion, can change direction.
This is a call to collective action and knowledge sharing.

Over the past five years we at Paper / on the Rocks saw the issues that the traditional, and alternative, paper industry is facing. At the same time, we see a climate emergency not being taken care of properly.

We don’t need more competition. This is the time to join forces.
We don’t want secrecy. We need transparency and trust.

Collaboration, continued innovation and an open mind are essential now.
Let’s rewrite the rules. This is only the beginning

One short documentary just won’t cut it (pun intended).

We need more continued attention and action to solve the challenges within the paper industry.

That is why, this year, Paper / on the Rocks will host a wide variety of panel discussions to generate key insights.

First and foremost to get key players within the field of paper, to exchange thoughts.
Second, as a place for journalists to learn more about this subject.
Third, to invite entrepreneurs to take action on new ideas waiting to be picked up.

We can’t wait any longer. This is the decade of action.

Would you like to join a panel discussion, host a conversation or invite us to collaborate?
Please contact us.

The discussion just got started

Panel discussion calendar will be announced soon

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Rewrite the rules

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