During the B Corp Summit in Amsterdam, we launched the B Inspired (note)book. A book filled with 35 stories from people making an impact through the work they do. But at the same time, it is a notebook!

This is a yearbook, where we will feature different people every year. To give you an impression of the stories in the 2018 B Inspired book, we share the story of Leen Zevenbergen, co-founder of B Lab Europe.


“The reason why I fell in love with the B Corp community is because it’s a community of thought-leaders. These people want to take action and create change without waiting for approval from others. They are the ones that are changing the tide. B Corporations set global examples. With their passion and mission, they form a new generation of companies.” Leen is very passionate when it comes to enterprises working together towards a better world for all.


“There are about 40 million companies in Europe alone and hundreds of millions in the world. There are a total of 2500 B Corps, a very small minority. Countless companies are essentially a B Corp but don’t know it yet, do not certify or are too busy. So, luckily there are many others who share the values of B Corp.”


Building a sustainable company is a long and difficult process, Leen says, which is why B Corp is so valuable. “When fighting the current, you need friends who are doing the same, who feel the same suffering, who share your values and frustrations, but who also have the same kind of perseverance to succeed. Having friends who share your mission and have your back makes being in this business a lot more fun.”


“My hope for the future is that we create an all-inclusive, bottom-up movement for all citizens who want to save the planet. This movement is based on the value system of B Corp and it consists of hundreds of millions of people from all over the world.”


Buy your copy of the B Inspired (note)book here, or click here for more information on purchasing custom made books!

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