With On The Rocks, we want to make a significant change. But we cannot do this alone. We need the help of as many pioneers as possible. That’s why we approach influencers to become part of the change. Together we can make it last. We love our ambassadors for their belief in our brandnew and groundbreaking Rockbooks.

Board of Advisors


Patricia Ziegerink

Entrepreneur, Pazzie business development

As an entrepreneur I have a special place in my heart for social and sustainable driven companies. Start-ups, scale-ups or grown-ups. They create a new future. So when I met the people behind On the Rocks I immediately felt a click. With their pure passion, ambitious purpose and sustainable products. That is why I decided to join the On the Rocks Advisory Board. Together we will make a difference. Step by step. Creating changes by changing choices. That is what I personally believe.


Leen Zevenbergen

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of Solarus

“I can never imagine that people work, run a company and live without a purpose. The main question should always be “why am I here”. Even the smallest parts and tools in our lives should fit in that question. Our tools should all be sustainable, also our paper tools. An On the Rocks provides these to us with a great passion and vison.``


Merijn Everaarts

Entrepreneur, Founder of Dopper


Marcello Palazzi – Entrepreneur / Philanthropreneur | B Lab / B Corps, SIX, Progressio Foundation

Esther Raats Coster – Business Woman of the Year 2006

“How great it is to support an enthusiastic entrepreneur with products that make our world so much better. Supporting cradle to cradle products make my heart tick! Complex distribution in multiple countries and building an unique concept. All aspects that make me truly love doing business!”

Lorna Davis – Chief Manifesto Catalyst at Danone

“We love Rockbooks here on the 6th floor at Danone headquarters. Not only do I love that they are made of rocks- what a great story, but I love the quality- they feel sort of slippery and they are waterproof, terrific.
With love and appreciation from these rock stars!”
Bob hutten

Bob Hutten – CEO of Hutten

“I love the idea of On the Rocks. It is very meaningful, new creativity in a sustainable manner. The products help us to change the way we think, they speak a new language and make us aware of the great possibilities of young talents like Anne”

Gunter Pauli – Founder and Director ZERI

“Stone paper is a fundamental breakthrough in sustainability. This paper changes the rules of the game, needs no cellulose, uses no water and is always recyclable. Instead of incurring costs it can be accumulated as an asset. It will dominate the market before we know, and free of land to let the trees grow. It is so inspiring that it has become one of my most popular fables: it sounds like fantasy but it is already reality.”

Mirjam Sijmons –

Power Woman (a.o. ex- CEO ArboNed, ANWB, KPN) –

“When I heard the story of On The Rocks, I thought…. The necessity to produce paper in a sustainable way is so apparent, but paper made from stone? Yes, we can, and it’s brought to the market by a driven entrepreneur who wants to contribute to a better world. Beautiful.”

Willem Overbosch –

Founder & Storyteller –

Dutch Network Group

“Change comes from those with an open mind to see an opportunity and act on it. Changing the game takes courage,  willpower and ambition for it is never easy. Stonepaper is one of those rare opportunities that can change the game not only in the paper industry, but in the media as well. Let’s make a difference Together we colour the landscape of entrepreneurship.”

Willem Overbosch ambassadeur
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