About On The Rocks
We're On The Rocks and we make stylish stationery from... rocks! Will you be our ambassador of change and make the world a better place?
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About On The Rocks

What’s On The Rocks?


Well, put simply, On The Rocks makes Rockbooks.


The Rockbooks are on their way to become the most sustainable notebooks in the World. They are produced using stonepaper, a cradle to cradle certified material. But, we take it a couple of steps further.


Rockbooks are designed and produced in the Netherlands, under fair and clean, eco-friendly circumstances. The inks are toxin-free, cradle to cradle certified and thus harmless to the environment. The production is CO2-neutral. All our production partners are ISO14001 certified. And, as much renewable energy as possible is used. For example, to produce the stonepaper, our partner uses almost 100% renewable (solar) energy.


The start


In November 2015, On The Rocks was launched by Anne Pleun from the Netherlands, with a Kickstarter campaign. This start was a rollercoaster-ride, a lot of media jumped on the Rockbooks and wanted to know all about them. Joined by a team of talented designers, Anne worked with a lot of companies like Triodos Bank, Dopper and Alfa Accountants, to make custom Rockbooks.


In 2016 the first Limited Edition Rockbooks became available on the website, and mid-2017 On The Rocks launched a collection together with the biggest Dutch sustainability blogger: De Groene Meisjes.

B Corporation


From day 1, On The Rocks became a pending B Corporation. Since 2017, the company is a certified B Corporation. Something to be proud of!


Dubbed the ‘champions league of future proof companies’, a B Corporation certification shows that a company is not only the best in the World, but also the best for the World. On The Rocks dedicates everything towards a bright future for all. Not only does the company look at the way the Rockbooks are produced, but also at everything else within the company, and the effect the company has on the World.


And now…


We’re fully in business, with a small team of dedicated world-improvers! How can you join us in our quest towards a better future, and a beautiful product to capture all important stories in the World, in the most sustainable way possible?


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