About On The Rocks
We're On The Rocks and we make stylish stationery from... rocks! Will you be our ambassador of change and make the world a better place?
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About On The Rocks

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Our Ambition


On The Rocks provides the market with traditional products – made from revolutionary materials.
The first product we’ve designed, is the Rockbook. A revolutionary take on a traditional product – a notebook made from stone!

On The Rocks strives to be a technology accelerator and push new materials and innovations on the consumer market. That way, we pave the way for broader usage of the given material/innovation. We are a Pending B-Corporation, because we believe there are better ways of doing business.  We promise to be good by doing good.



A stylish notebook from stone paper! The first product in our portfolio.

Our mission for the Rockbook is as follows:
Reduce – Stone Paper uses way less resources (no trees, no water, no bleach, and no toxins) in production, and it can be re-used over and over again!
Rejoice – The Rockbook is waterproof, tear-resistant and super smooth to write on.
Reforest – Part of profits return to the trees, through projects and educating people, ultimately leaving the world better than we found it.





We practice what we preach. We want to make it last. Not only by offering the market a beautiful product made from stone paper. We actively build up again what was broken down for years and years by using pulp paper. Because we believe that fresh air, green surroundings and fertile soil are of vital importance to life on earth.

We commit ourselves to donate at least 5% of our profits to tree-planting projects. Together we can make a change, and make it last.