Protecting forests and nature is a big deal to us. So we decided to smash the way stationery is made to pulp.

Nature-friendly notebooks. That’s us in a nutshell.

The longer version? We use tree-free, kind-to-resources paper, made from construction and agricultural waste to make notebooks of the highest quality. Designed for smooth writing, doodling, and drawing. Ideal for writers, creatives, professionals, and anyone that wants to change the world by the stroke of a pen.

Join our mission, rewrite the rules and become a Rockstar!

Activistically yours,
Anne and the team

p.s. 5% of our time, services and your purchases are put towards reforestation efforts and natural reserve protection initiatives.

p.p.s.We are a certified BCorp. What’s that you say, Benefit Corporation?


A message from Anne

“It was always my intention to not just start ‘any’ company. When I witnessed all the dirty ways in which people produce – and sell – products, I knew we could do better. We HAVE to do better.

I guess I’ve always been the one stepping out of my comfort zone (what is that, anyway). Going against the stream. I studied History, where I specialised in Revolutions, the non-violent variety. Having a strong urge for justice, I ended up receiving a Masters’ degree in European Union Law. Did not work one day in either of those fields, but they helped form me and my beliefs.

Stemming from a family of cheeky entrepreneurs it might have been in my DNA to found a company with a strong mission – to change a vested industry.

When I was twelve years old, I desperately wanted to become a writer, to inspire people to keep on dreaming. And I kind of feel like that’s what I ended up doing. Only from a different angle. At Paper on the Rocks, we produce the tools that help people to keep on dreaming, writing, drawing and sharing thoughts.

Can you piece together where the Paper on the Rocks mission came from? An activistic stationery company that uses business to inspire and implement solutions to protect our forests and nature. I’m living my dream to make the world a better place. Tell me your story?”

Feel free to contact me at anne@paperontherocks.com!

Anne Pleun van Eijsden – Founder and CEO