We don’t just ‘make’ products,

we aim to improve an industry.

An activistic stationery company that smashes a wasteful industry to pulp and then makes great things out of it – that’s us!

Why are we doing this? Well for one, we like a good challenge. And speaking of challenges… 

The paper industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Grinding down forests and swallowing unimaginable amounts of water, oh and don’t forget the tons of CO² emissions added to the mix. Needless to say it is in all our best interest to explore alternatives. Luckily, great alternatives are up for grabs.

Secondly, we are passionate about anything paper related. Writing, drawing, doodling, colouring… You name it, we love it. Producing paper products designed with an eye for detail, with that elusive book-ish smell, touch and feel- it just tickles us in all the right places. And you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have that too, it takes one to know one.

To give you the best notebook experience humanly possible we’ve wrapped up all of the above in one solid solution.

But that’s not all. We donate our time, services and at least 5% of your purchases to reforestation efforts and natural reserve protection initiatives.  We don’t just ‘make’ products, we aim to improve an industry.

We want to bring balance

There was a time when humans and trees were good friends. Forests allowed us funky monkeys to thrive and evolve into the sentient beings we are today. They provide this blue and green orb we call Earth with oxygen, shelter, food, protection from erosion, climate regulation… the list goes on and on. But you could say it has become a very one-sided friendship.

Every year, over 13 million acres of forest are being destroyed. Now to put that in a more grasping concept, that is an area larger than the size of the Netherlands being smashed into a pulp. Paper is then made from this pulp. But not before bleach and countless other chemicals are thrown into the concoction.

We aim to bring balance to that friendship again.

Let us be clear. Producing any consumer product requires the use of resources, whatever you make, you’ll need ‘something’ to turn it into ‘something else’. By rewriting the way stationery is made, it required us to take a critical look at the entire chain of notebook production. And just like us, you’ll be surprised that there are perfectly viable alternatives out there that do not need any chemicals or trees for that matter, without compromising quality!

Our (p)inky promises

  • No trees are hurt in the making of the paper in these notebooks. Zero. Let us repeat: zero.
  • We mainly use waste material. Rockbooks are primarily made from construction rubble and other stone waste. Leafbooks are made from agricultural waste.
  • No unnecessary use of water (for instance, to produce stone paper we use exactly zero drops of water).
  • Recyclability. Try and say that fast three times in a row, we dare you. But recyclability is a major pillar for us. Because the current wood pulp recycling industry is extremely energy- and water inefficient. So at Paper on the Rocks we continuously work towards making our recycling streams circular.  
  • We use ink based on vegetable oils.
  • No hazardous solvents are used.
  • The printing process for our notebooks is completely CO² neutral.
  • ISO14001 certified production facility – in simple English this means our production facility has an Effective Environmental Management System certified by international standards.
  • We are a certified BCorp.
  • 5% of our time, services and your purchases are put towards reforestation efforts and natural reserve protection initiatives.