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We love to work together with other companies that want to make a change. That are in for the long run. People who continuously look for new innovations to further improve. Because together we can make it last.

Contact us now, to receive a customized proposal for your company's Rockbooks!

There are tons of possibilities for us to cooperate! We do make limited editions of our ROCKBOOK for example. They are the perfect innovative gift to your business relations.


Or we can provide you with pocket ROCKBOOKS which are insanely useful during conferences or workshops. Plus, they’ll guarantee an instant conversation starter.

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Since every business and organisation has its own character, we of course love to make designs especially for you. Or we can work together with your designers. To make something really special. What about a paper bag that is not really a ‘paper’ bag? Or your annual report – we’re sure you’d want to make that last – right?!


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