Our Team

Anne Pleun van Eijsden – Founder


For a long, long time I have been dreaming of starting my own company. To build something from the ground up. Something lasting and something contributing to the beauty in the world. With On The Rocks I’m realising that dream. Entrepreneurship runs through my veins. I love to get to know other people, and learn about lives, ambitions and dreams. Make real, honest and open connections. I’m also mother to Lizzy (0) and love to travel the world with my family.

Sietse Koopmans - On The Rocks

Sietse Koopmans – Brand & Design


Not quite what you’d expect at first encounter, even more confusing during conversation, but eventually it all falls into place. That’s exactly how you’d feel when you meet me. As an English-wielding Asian with a potently Dutch moniker, I’m a bit of an odd duck but an interesting one nonetheless. At least, I’d like to think so! I’m essentially curious, and I look through a design lens that goes beyond aesthetics. I’d love to share and translate that to augmenting basic education someday, particularly for children in less favourable circumstances. Coz if knowledge is fundamental, then curiosity is a prerequisite. And we need more odd ducks.


Jeroen Zevenbergen – Sales & Accounts


As a management engineering student in Tilburg, the Netherlands, I love to combine economics together with technology. That’s why On The Rocks is where my passion is. Here I get to experience with the economical en technical aspects of stone paper, which I find very interesting. Also, I lived in the United States for one year (Boston, MA). That is where I started developing interests in engineering, but also in one of my other passions: American football.

Sjoerd Blok – Sales & Accounts


Becoming and being a salesman at On The Rocks is feeling a little like stepping out of my comfort zone. But it is a challenge that I am more than willing to accept. It is mostly a challenge because I don’t consider myself a born salesman. I’m not usually the one with the smooth talks and fine techniques to make you buy stuff. That’s why I normally have to be the one with the knowledge and the facts. Luckily that’s what I love to do: researching. After my research into stone paper I found out that this product has so much advantages that it will almost sell itself. I just have to make you aware of it! Also teaming up for this task with Jeroen, my study buddy, makes selling Rockbooks a lot better.

These Rockstars also made On The Rocks possible

Eva Hoefsloot Schmeink – Website

I’m Eva, and I made the On The Rocks website. I love to work in Social Media, Communications and all things online. Sounds like a lot but that’s just the way I like it: combining the speed of online with all the different, creative aspects that come with it.
I love to go out and experience new cities but I also love to stay in and create. Create websites, texts, online awesomeness and other amazing projects. I get a kick out of working on new ideas and making them grow. From a small scribble in my notebook to a touchable product.

Philip Bais – Photography


I like beauty. In words, people, objects, scenery, basically in anything I can observe. Every now and then I point my camera at what I admire and make it go *click*, secretly hoping that others will see the same beauty that I saw.
I’m also very good at pointing out why things are bad, ugly, or just plain stupid. Most people perceive this as misplaced arrogance, but some accept it as honesty.

Also, I hate the color purple. There’s really never a reason for purple.