Our Team


Anne Pleun van Eijsden

Founder & Operations/Sales

For a long, long time I have been dreaming of starting my own company. To build something from the ground up. Something lasting and something contributing to the beauty in the world. With On The Rocks I’m realizing that dream. Entrepreneurship runs through my veins. I love to get to know other people, and learn about lives, ambitions and dreams. Make real, honest and open connections. I’m also mother to Lizzy (2) and spend time with my family.


Stijn van der Linden

Marketing & Communication

Working at On The Rocks is an amazing experience, a challenge as well but the good outweighs the bad heavily in this case. My background is in the hospitality management business, something totally different from this but a change was needed! And I’m happy I took this step. The fact that you know you are doing your best to change this world is a feeling I can’t describe, it feels good but surreal. From September I will be studying at The Hague university of applied science, the major I’m going to follow is European Studies. My interests outside of On The Rocks are music and basketball.


Gertie Vos


Being colorful like forever I could create every image in my head. So from that point of view I had to do something creative. I have my own design studio now creating graphics, illustrations and photographs. I have always been a nature girl, growing up at the countryside, so doing something for the environment is very important to me. Nature gives life! Being part of the On The Rocks team means a lot to me. Let’s Rock!

Hedris Karijowidjojo

Corporate Design
Zonder de volgende mensen hadden we On The Rocks niet kunnen realiseren
  • Emma Wijninga

  • Jeroen Zevenbergen

  • Sjoerd Blok

  • Laura Coolen & Robert van Wingerden

  • Eva Hoefsloot

  • Philip Bais

  • Sietse Koopmans

  • Julien Schoonbrood

  • Jussi Megens

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