8 unique characteristics of stone paper

Rockbooks are made from stone paper. Softcover Rockbooks are made from 100% stone paper. That means, from the cover to the pages on the inside: we only use stone paper. Hardcover Rockbooks have a cardboard cover, but are made from 100% stone paper apart from that.

Stone paper really is paper made from stone (waste). Now of course, this is a new and totally different material, compared to pulp paper. Not only is this paper very sustainable, it also has some specific characteristics. We’d like to tell you a bit more about them!

Unique characteristics of stone paper

1. Waterproof

The paper is completely waterproof! You can spill your water, coffee or red wine (tried and tested!) over the sheets of your Rockbook, and nothing will happen to your notes. You just wipe the liquids off, and continue writing.

2. Different density

The stone paper is slightly more see-through than pulp paper. The density of the paper is different compared to pulp paper. That is also the reason why, in some of our Rockbooks, especially the lighter versions, you see a little bit of our logo shimmering through. Actually kind of nice, because people immediately notice that you are not using a notebook made from trees!

3. Tear-resistant

Have you tried ripping apart a piece of stone paper? It is do-able, but not so easy! Pulp paper tears very easily, and that’s not the case with stone paper. This material is more sturdy. I mean, what else do you expect from stones, right ;-).

4. Colder

When you pick up your Rockbook, you might notice that it feels a bit colder than normal paper. Well, that’s really the stone you are feeling. This is a natural product, and thus very adaptive to cold circumstances.

5. Heavier weight

The reason our Rockbooks are a bit thinner than your average notebook, is because stone paper is almost twice the weight of normal paper. Perfect for all of your heavy thoughts. And your muscle building. You just feel that this book is made from stones.

6. Not easy to fold

On our softcover Rockbooks, you might notice that the cover tends to pop open a little bit. This is not a matter of a wrong fold, or too light of a fold. It’s a characteristic of the paper. Stone paper is not so easy to fold. The paper loves smooth folds, not too sturdy. It moves in mysterious ways…

7. Soft writing

Pencils and ballpoints work very well on the paper. It makes for really soft writing. Fountain pens take a long time to dry. Because the paper does not absorb the ink so fast, it will no ‘bleed’ so much on the paper when you write or draw on it.

8. Natural white color

The color of the paper, is actually the color of the stones that are used! So if you used, for example, oyster shells, the paper would be a bit more grey-toned. Since we use mainly old limestone at the moment, the paper becomes lightly yellow-white.

These are some characteristics of stone paper, and our Rockbooks in particular! What are your experiences with your Rockbook? Which pens work best, and what differences compared to pulp paper did you notice?