The benefits of a stonepaper notebook


Are you a fan of notebooks? Chances are high you have several different types of notebooks lying around. So do we.  Now there is a new kid in town – the stonepaper notebook (we call it a Rockbook).


Chances are also high you haven’t tried that one yet.


But, you should! Here’s why:



1. Stonepaper is softer to write on then normal pulp paper



This paper is mineral-based, and does not consist of fibers. Therefore, your pen will glide over the paper effortlessly and ink will not ‘walk through’ the paper. So for a non-bleeding result of your drawings, stories and notes, stonepaper is perfect. Your hand will not get tired that quick and writing feels like a comfortable experience. 



2. Stonepaper notebooks are waterproof



Do you tend to spill coffee, tea or water on your notebooks, resulting in all your work simply GONE? Then stonepaper is definitely for you. Since it is waterproof, you need not worry that all your notes will be lost. One of our Rockbooks users recently told us, that his Rockbook fell in a bathtub (filled with water yes). He showed us the book, albeit a little worn, all the notes were still in there and the book looked great still.



3. Stonepaper saves resources



Stonepaper is like normal paper, but better. Stonepaper saves great amounts of important resources such as water, trees and energy. Our Rockbooks are produced using 90% renewable energy in the entire production process! Resulting in a notebook that has a very small CO2 footprint. So, a Rockbook made from stonepaper helps us to conserve our planet’s resources.

Normal pulp paper can be recycled approximately 7 times, before it ends up being waste. For stonepaper, this is not the case. The paper is cradle to cradle certified and can be recycled infinitely!



4. Stonepaper notebooks are eco-design statements



Your notebook is not just ‘any notebook with a nice design’. It’s a statement for a better future and a better quality notebook. Who said sustainable equals boring? Notebooks from stonepaper look and feel luxurious, and the story that comes with them is very much worth spreading. A great conversation starter. One of our clients gives all her business relations a personalised Rockbook. She tells us: “It’s an ice-breaker. At first, you see people react; another notebook, that might come in handy. When I tell them it’s made from stonepaper, there is an immediate reaction of surprise and delight. It’s an awesome story that shows I care, and they should too.”



Let us know, what would it take for you to switch to stonepaper, or are you already a fan?



Rock on!

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