Why we joined the B Corp community

As you might have seen, we’ve joined the B Corp community, and became Europe’s first Pending B Corp! In this post, we’ll explain a bit more in detail what exactly this means…

On The Rocks’ motto is: make it last. And that is exactly what we will do. We wanted to be part of a worldwide movement that redefines success in business. My dream is to build a company that is good for the World, does good for the World. That gives back instead of clings to money, profits and infinite growth to only make some people ‘win’. We want to, and will, share and consider all interests involved in On The Rocks. Always.

That is why I insisted on making On The Rocks a B Corp as soon as possible. Only after 12 months in business you can  become a fully certified B Corp. That makes sense, when you consider that this movement is not about words, but actual deeds. One of the reasons I am so enthusiastic about B Corporation as an organisation. So as a start up, you have the possibility to acquire a Pending status. After 12 months in business, you’re considered a ‘grown-up’ and go up for a full assessment by professionals and hopefully, certification.

What exactly happened now?

We formally established the business, and made a change to the standard legal texts. We’ve incorporated in our mission as a company, and our short term and long term interest, that we will always take into consideration interests of all stakeholders involved (community, environment, workers, customers etc) when making business decisions. We will create value for society as a whole.

I am proud to tell you that everyone in the On The Rocks team is dedicated to make sure we have as big of a positive impact as possible. Next to making our products even better for the world, we also actively invest in making the world a better place. That is one of the reasons we’ve already set up a partnership with the South African Reforestation Trust. We donate 5% of our yearly profit to help this organisation reforest depleted grounds.

About the next steps

Of course this is a continuing process. We are not at an end station now. Rather, we’re just beginning! We have a roadmap of all things we wish to accomplish and further improve when it comes to On The Rocks and our impact on the World. More on that in a next blogpost!