Eco-friendly gifts: Why stone notebooks make great presents.

Present perfect: Seven reasons stone notebooks make great gifts

Birthdays, Christmas, just-because-you’re-awesome treats… If you’re going to get someone a gift, it might as well be an eco-friendly and thoughtful one.

In this case, we’ve done the thinking for you. Here’s why we think Paper on the Rocks’ tree-free notebooks make such lovely gifts for your favourite friends, colleagues, family and partners:

1. They’re practical

A Rockbook is a gift you can use everyday. Even if the lucky recipient already has five notebooks, you need at least one for each subdivision of your life, right? Shopping lists, things to do before you’re [insert next milestone age], poetry, planning trips, ideas for the book you’re writing or illustrating, and so on. You cannot beat a practical gift.

2. They feel great to write in

The soft white paper (only white because it’s the color of the rock used – no bleach here) is very satisfying to use. Pencils and pens happily glide across its surface making for a great writing and doodling experience for your loved ones. (There are also some nice benefits to writing with pen and paper rather than on your laptop. Check out our blog on this subject!)

3. They come in lots of cool colors and designs

Not only can you choose from nine colors of hard and soft cover notebooks, we also have some beautiful limited edition designs. These currently include the Human vs The Earth sci-fi-style range, De Groene Meisjes’ collection, and our Origami Penguin book. (Check them all out in our shop!). Something for even the fussiest of recipients.

4. They’re waterproof

Rockbooks are waterproof. They’re also coffee, tea and wine-proof. Is your colleague a natural born spiller? Their notes are finally safe. Does your best friend work outside, with water, or simply like to take notes in the rain? Ditto. Does your brother scribble down recipes to avoid getting sauce on his phone while reading the instructions? Same again.

5. They’re left-hander friendly

While fountain pen ink needs a little time to dry on stone paper, roller ball pens dry like a dream. We’ve been told by our left-handed fans that, unlike with pulp paper, the side of their hand isn’t stained black and blue after every scribbled note thanks to the way the ink sticks to the paper. Bonus!

6. They’re a little bit luxurious

There’s something about the weight of the paper (it’s heavier as it’s made of stone not trees!) and its smoothness that makes our notebooks feel fancy. They don’t look or feel like ‘just a notebook’ – they are extra special and truly gift-worthy.

7. They’re sustainable

Last, but absolutely not least (in fact, this is probably our favourite thing) the main ingredient of our Rockbooks is waste stone material. No trees are harmed in the production of stone paper. Add to that no need for water, nor chemicals or toxins for bleaching, and it’s easy to see why stone notebooks are so much better for the environment than their wood pulp equivalents. And, to top it off, they’re also recyclable.

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