Eliza Was Here x Paper / on the Rocks
An exciting, multi-faceted collaboration where every available component is used to its full potential – notebook, bellyband, letter, envelope, QR-code, video & landing page.

Eliza Was Here is a travel company specialized in alternative tourism. They source, curate and advertise a special collection of vacations at unique, off-the-beaten-path locations. The fictional Eliza travels through Europe and handpicks the very best boutique hotels, beachside villas, authentic quintas, and lakeview apartments.

Eliza Was Here focusses on exclusivity, as opposed to mass-tourism, and wants to offer customers immersive experiences and memorable adventures.

Facts and figures:

– Custom stone paper Rockbooks with unique book block
– Stone paper bellyband for the ‘unwrapping’ effect
– Personalized letter printed on agri-waste paper
– Custom-made envelope made from agri-waste paper
– Packaging of the book and letter
– Shipping to >10.000 individual addresses

The challenge we were presented

Eliza Was Here is grappling with a sustainability issue. How can an online travel company promote sustainability when its core business is traveling? For an online company, it’s important to carefully consider what is done offline, and to do that according to the company’s sustainable ambitions.

It is a tradition to send an end-of-the-year thank-you gift to Eliza Was Here’s customers who’ve booked a holiday in the past year. Such a gift is subject to several conditions such as, but not limited to:

  1. A gift must be sustainable
  2. A gift must replace a ‘regular’ product that is used within a household
  3. A gift has to match with the marketing personas
  4. A gift should be able to carry the company’s message and philosophy

The 2021 Christmas gift would also be used to introduce the new slogan: “Where everyone turns right, you turn left.” Another nod to indicate Eliza Was Here’s non-conformity, the want and need to do things ‘differently’.

It’s a match, and more! 

A sustainable gift that has a purpose, an interesting backstory, that can be fully customized and leaves a lasting impression?

A custom-made notebook made of stone paper lives up to those standards!

Paper / on the Rocks was selected as Eliza’s partner in creating a stone paper book that would strengthen their vision on sustainability. Eliza Was Here supports the paper revolution P/otR strives to achieve and is convinced the collaboration helps to put forth both of our visions on sustainability.

Eliza Was Here decided to not only create a custom stone paper book with the how/what/why messaging, but to make the whole gifting experience as sustainable and impactful as possible.

Much care and consideration have been put into the front and back flyleaf story, with special attention brought to the resources saved by using a stone paper book instead of a regular paper book.


– Custom-made cover with Eliza Was Here branding (‘rock-solid notebook’)

– Custom book block with playful front page and recurring design on every page thereafter (as if Eliza herself drew this)

– Blank pages to leave room for notes, scribbles, lists, drawings, stories, etc.

– Front flyleaf: Eliza’s vision on sustainability and their choice to work with P/otR

Back flyleaf: impact orientated with the message: ‘you’re doing good’, and the savings/impact by using this one book


– Used for the gift-giving and unwrapping effect

– Additional explanation and storytelling

(production process and the book as a gift)

– Concept: stone papers writes/feels better. Why? Because you know no trees were used for this paper, and you can feel this paper is different/smoother

Envelope & Shipping

– Used to further explain the unique , tree-free plant paper

– Unbleached variant printed with bio-inks to further drive the sustainability message

– ‘Merry Christmas’ front design to enhance the gifting experience

– Back design explains how plant paper is made and where it comes from

– Sent to >10.000 unique addresses


– Accompanying letter printed on unbleached, tree-free plant paper

– It’s a tradition to add a personalized note that introduces a new travel location

– Highlights the 20th anniversary of the company

– Mention of the Travelife certification – certification for accommodation sustainability


– Docu-teaser for the upcoming gift/book

– Visuals to show how the company is concerned by the wasteful paper industry

– Introduction of the partner (P/otR) that creates the best notebooks with tree-free stone paper

– Used to show agreement in online and offline messaging on sustainability

Landing page

– QR-code that leads to a custom-built landing page on the P/otR website

– Further information on the collaboration

– Starting point for everyone who is interested in learning more about paper alternatives

– Primary goal is to inform, and to continue to story that started with the book

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